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Hello my name is Jason (as photos) I specialise in opening locked Safes and Vaults, We are Based in Colchester in Essex and are always in and out of Hertfordshire and London. We also travel all over the UK and Europe opening medium to high grade safes and vaults.


This can be because of lost or stolen safe keys or a forgotten safe combination, or a fault resulting in a lockout from your safe or vault.


Why a Safe Technician 


All I do is work on safes and vaults I am a trained Locksmith, Safe Engineer, Safe Cracker, Safe Technician, Vault Smith and I only work on safes and vaults. I have been opening and servicing safes and vaults for over 20 years. Over this time I have opened 1000's of Safes and Vaults with Lost safe keys, forgotten safe combinations and faults. Opening Safes and vaults is not a common skill and there are only a handful of us in the UK.


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 We are members of the International "Safe & Vault Technicians Association"


Safe & Vault Technology Author of the year Award 2013